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Traditional HR systems were only designed to answer one question at a time and many aren't flexible enough to allow a much needed realtime conversation around the data. Gender_Gap provides rapid consolidation, visualisation and analysis of your Human Capital Data. Gender_Gap is a cloud-based self-service platform that allows Executive Managers and HR professionals to access and interrogate their data any time and from any location. From Data Capture through to HR Consultation, our team of highly skilled HR professionals and data analysts will be with you every step of the way.

The insights made possible through Gender_Gap's easy to use interface will stimulate intelligent conversation about your company's most valueable assests - its people.


Monitor the effectiveness of your Talent Acquisition function - understand who is and who isn't making it through your recruitment funnel


Analyse the effectiveness of your retention programmes - understand if key top-performers are engaged or disproportionately leaving areas of the organisation


Understand how your employees are moving through the organisation - identify and eliminate glass ceilings, measure the ROI of your talent development programmes


In order to truly understand how your organisation is performing, you need relative data. Gender_Gap will enable sector specific anonymised benchmarking to give clients a true understanding of their relative position, in addition to comparisons from National Workforce Data (ONS).

Our clients

Our current client base features leading organisations in sectors as diverse as finance, legal, FMCG and engineering.

"I would (and have) recommend staffmetrix highly for those looking to invest in a quality stand-alone HCM system which gives you professional looking analytics, is user friendly and very straight forward to implement."

"Previously running D&I metrics was a manual and time consuming process as not all our offices store this information, resulting in reports being combined before we could even start to generate the numbers we needed, using Staffmetrix means we can now report in minutes rather than hours."

"As a new administrator of the system with limited experience of using the tool, I easily launched a pilot for our London population before then incorporating all our EMEA offices meaning we could report on a number of metrics quickly and easily."

Our people

Senior Leadership Team

Diversity is in our DNA and our personnel reflect this at all levels. Our advisory board consists of former heads of Investment Banks, champions of Recruitment Technology and world leading Economists. Our senior leadership team has over 10 years of combined experience leading Diversity Programmes for FTSE 100 Companies, software development and leadership management in sectors as varied as the Armed Forces, Engineering and Investment Banking. Our in-house software development team are experts in Data Analysis and Data Visualisation with a proven track record in developing & supporting leading global FinTech platforms.

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